Microsoft,End Is Near

The End Is Near…

Blog Post 5

November 27, 2019

Author: Summit-TSI


Microsoft will no longer support Windows7


Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows7 back in 2015. Now here we are at the end of all support. No more security updates as of January 14th, 2020.


As individuals with our personal computers at home, many of us already have a newer operating system. This is easy to check: Go to computer (or this PC), right-click, select properties and your version of windows will be displayed. Since computers and laptops are common items and we tend to replace them almost as frequently as we replace our cell phones most people will not have to worry about “the end”.

What if your friend or a family member has an older laptop or computer that is running Windows7? That’s ok! Computers will not suddenly stop working. If your mother just learned how to skype with her grandkids, she might get worried that her security is at risk if she doesn’t pay to be updated to Windows10. Please don’t worry. Do make sure they have a good antivirus program. Just keep in mind that like our cell phones someday that Windows7 computer will not be able to run new programs and will become slow. Have a plan or idea of when a good time would be to replace the computer. If you start setting aside a few dollars a week now, you’ll afford that computer in no time!

Businesses on the other hand really will want to get their devices upgraded. Those security updates are quite important for people constantly online, sending and receiving emails, installing new software and running an Office365 environment. When there are Auditors and investors involved the last thing they want to see is a potential security risk. This should be a good time to refresh computers. The big jump off from XP was a few years ago, if you have not replaced your company computers since then, now would be a good time!

Anytime there is a change to our operating systems there comes a learning curve. When the IT department comes around at work to upgrade your computer remember it is not that individual trying to make your life difficult. We all must learn Windows10. In my experience, most people dislike Windows10 for at least the first 3 days they use it. Within a weeks’ time you will be fine!


Yes, the End is Near. Have no fear… be prepared. Back up your data. Keep your antivirus up to date. Plan for computer replacements both at home and at work.