Job Seekers

We’re prepared to put you in touch with the best businesses in the country, and Summit offers some fantastic chances. When you partner with us as a job seeker, you can count on receiving our thorough and individualized attention throughout the whole hiring process.

When new vacancies are available, you will be at the top of the list if you register for an account and submit your CV. When your abilities match our client’s requirements, you’ll receive automated alerts, and because we have your resume in our talent database, you’ll be one of the initial applicants for every position.

Job Seekers


Summit takes great pride in offering a diverse array of perks and benefits to its valued workforce, recognizing the importance of ensuring employee satisfaction and well-being. With a strong commitment to individualized care, Summit understands that each employee’s needs and preferences may vary, and thus endeavors to tailor its benefits package to create a comprehensive compensation plan that best aligns with their unique requirements.

*All options listed may not be available for all contracts/positions.

Position Types

In the vast realm of professional journeys, every individual finds themselves traversing a unique path, characterized by distinctive circumstances and aspirations. Recognizing this diversity, Summit emerges as a steadfast partner, providing you with an invaluable gateway to a multitude of options that seamlessly align with your ever-evolving professional aspirations.


The best opportunity to get your foot in the door of many successful companies and build the next step in your career. Great pay options with potential benefits, possibility for long-term placement, and flexibility while adding key skills to your resume.

Contract to Hire

This is your foot in the door with the potential for a permanent hire position. Still great compensation options and flexibility while you and the client get to feel each other out and make sure your long-term goals align.

Direct Hire

Your path straight to becoming our client’s next best decision. We’ll help you get through their front door and turn the page of your career to a new chapter. We assist on both sides making sure you and our client both reach the best agreement possible.

Employee / Job Seeker FAQ

Sign up for an account! Here you’ll be able to search open positions, set alerts, manage copies of your resume, apply for positions, and check application status all through your dashboard.

Yes, for most positions we have many options.  Our standard benefits are included with every position and there are a variety of other benefits which may be available depending on position type, location, duration, client requirements, etc.  Please see the main benefits section above for more information.

Our pay periods are every two weeks and checks are directly deposited every other Friday.

Yes, we do work with consultants on a corp-to-corp basis for some projects, although a few of our clients contractually restrict us from this.  As a corp-to-corp consultant, we require your business insurance levels to meet the minimums directed to us by our clients.

This varies by client and position type.  It can be as little as one week, or it can be several weeks.  We do our best to communicate with our clients throughout the process and help them make decisions as quickly as possible.

First, congratulations on your new position!  We’re disappointed we didn’t get to work together on this opportunity, but hopefully you come back to Summit the next time you’re looking. Second, all we ask is that you keep us up to date on your situation. Being up-front and honest with us important in keeping everyone’s expectations in line as well as making sure our clients have the most up to date information on the candidates presented when making their decision.

For contract or contract-to-hire positions, there will be about 3-5 contract documents which will include our contract, associate agreement, non-disclosure agreement, and others depending on the client as well as your standard W-2 tax forms and direct deposit form.

You’ll then complete a background investigation which is conducted through a 3rd party partner as well as a minimum of a 10-panel drug screen.

For direct hire positions, it is completely dependent upon the client’s own policies.