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Great Tech Gifts for the Holidays!

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December 13, 2019

Author: Summit-TSI – Jenell


Christmas is coming soon!

What kind of Tech gifts are you giving this year?

I’m always at a loss of ideas when it comes to great tech gifts for Christmas. This year I decided to put together a small list of ideas and share them with you! Everything listed here can be found easily on Amazon and with Prime shipping, you’ll be sure to have your gifts ready before the big day!

Canary home security

– For about $50 you can get a camera to set up in your house. Watch live feeds from your phone! Get alerts when motion is detected. There is a monthly service fee, you can choose the level of service. But even at the lowest level of service, this item is great! I have one at home and I can keep an eye on kids, pets, visitors, deliveries you name it! Oh, and the night vision is better than any camera I’ve ever seen.

Desktop PC

-I’ve worked in IT for years and friends and family always come to me looking for ideas on what type of computer to buy. There’s a new trend this year, DESKTOPS! It’s always been what’s lightest and most portable, but as of late both kids and adults are saying they want a stationary pc they can sit down at. I suggest a Windows10 desktop, a 500gb SSD hard drive, 8GB of Ram, an Intel Core i5 processor 2GHz or higher with WIFI so you can place your PC anywhere in your home.

Bluetooth Headband Headphones

-For about $20 you can get a loved one a set of headphones that are comfortable! I can’t tell you how many sets of earbuds and over the head headphones I’ve bought my kids. They are required for school, but nothing fits in or around their little ears. My parents have a hard time hearing the tv so in the past, my brothers and I have invested in wireless headphones for them… but again they hate wearing them! The headband headphones are soft and comfortable and will fit anyone’s ears.

Adjustable Tablet Holder Stand

-It seems so simple but to have a stand to hold your phone, iPad, tablet or Kindle is SOOO handy! Nothing too fancy or complicated. You’ll be amazed at how convenient it is to use in the kitchen while making dinner or set up in the bathroom to watch the news while getting ready for work. Kids love them too; they can play without holding a device right up to their faces.

Car jump starter pack

-This small tool can be a real life-saver. It’s amazing to me just how many people no longer carry their jumper cables with them. This could save you or a loved one from being stranded for hours. For about $80 you can have this portable jump starter pack right in the glove box. Quick and easy to use, I want one!!

Polarized Driving Glasses

-Am I getting old or is there more of a glare when driving at night? It seems like roads are shinier, streetlights are brighter, and those ultra-blue headlights are just blinding at night. They make all kinds of glasses from $200 Oakley’s to $20 tactical lenses. I know hard it is for me to see, I can’t imagine my grandma or daughter being out on the road. I may be buying a bunch of these soon.

Hopefully, my mini shopping list helps offer some great tech gifts. Just remember it’s not about how fancy or complicated a gadget can be, it’s about how useful it is.


Happy Holidays from all of us here at Summit Technology Services, Inc.!