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Speaking Clearly During an Interview

Interviewer: “Please tell me more about your experience with (skills ABC) while you were working at (employer XYZ). Job Candidate: “I um, did this one project, uh, one time, it was like, a program that, like, made it easy to put numbers stuff where it belonged.” This is not what anyone would consider as a good way to speak in any situation, let alone an interview for a position in the professional world, yet it happens all too often.  Speaking clearly no matter your skill level is absolutely paramount to making a highly positive first impression on your potential employers.
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5 Ways to Not Find a Job

5 Ways to Not Find a Job Searching for a new job is tough even before you take added pressures into consideration. The mental strain and emotional rollercoasters that go along with just deciding which positions to apply to and not knowing if it’s the right position for you are hard enough. If you add in any number of financial aspects on top of that, it could be enough to drive you up a wall. Don’t make it any harder on yourself! Here are a few simple things to avoid when working through your searching and interviewing that will keep
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4 Key Factors for Managers to Improve Their Hiring Process

4 Key Factors for Managers to Improve Their Hiring Process If you are a manager, one of the most stressful aspects of your job can be finding good candidates to fill available positions in your group. Whether you work in a small business or for a large corporation, hiring new personnel can be a hard task to manage. There are many things to consider when you are jumping into the hiring process and focusing some attention on a few key factors can increase your success in finding the right person for your needs quickly and efficiently. Whether this position is
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